sweet sixteen

   i am settling in for the winter here in arizona
   but i have been working on sweet sixteen
   i posted an acoustic video under videos
   just a little noodling...

Sweet 16 update

   I tuned up number 10 and got it playing well...
   Then I pulled the strings off of Sweet 16. I did a little fret work, sanded the neck and top, then gave the top and neck a coat of polyurethane…Read more

Back in Sedona, Again

I am back in Sedona again !
I am sorry for neglecting this page.
Too much traveling... is that a bad thing ?
I will be back soon...

Back in Sedona

I made it back to Sedona two days ago. I got to spend the yesterday in Jerome sitting on the steps chatting with Jim, Bev, Brian, and the gang. I still have a few things to get done in town,…Read more


I just rolled into Winnamucca NV this morning. I think the bus is headed towards Sedona sooner or later.

Full Moon Fever

I usually enjoy the Full Moon Ceremonies at Cathedral Rock in Sedona. I wish you all the best in Sedona. I will be celebrating the Full Moon Cremonies here at Mt Shasta

drop tune a whole step

Yesterday was another cold wet day. Yuck. The wet weather is putting a lot of tension on my instrument and on my rheumatism. So I down tuned 2 half steps to CGDAEC. It puts a new spin on things,…Read more


Kind of a dinner / lunch. It has been a rainy and blustery day so I am staying inside. Today's Special A sandwich of chicken breast, beet greens, onion, and mustard on Wildflower bread. And…Read more

sweet sixteen update

I have had the chance to do a little more work on sweet sixteen. I cut the f-holes and mounted a fishman humbucker, and started the tuning machine pocket. I am still in the Sedona vicinity

Happy 420

I had the pleasure to jam with my harp with James Turner (the host of the celebration), among with Michael Joseph, and some other gifted musicians. I also played a set later. Thank You to all the wonderful…Read more

got the blues

hers is an old  journal entry from march 8. 2014

my truck's been broke since labor daylower & upper ball joints, tie rod ends, and a control arm
my bicycle works on a sunny day
and I'll fix my truck…Read more

been traveling

Hi, finally got some internet and some time to do something with it. I left beautiful Morro Bay, California right after Christmas. My first stop was Sedona, and I have been traveling and playing all over Sedona (yeah, duh),…Read more