Happy Fourth of July!

I pray you all had a wonderful Fourth of July.

There was a Fourth of July Celebration here in town. I joined in the Bicycle Parade, and got some practice in low speed maneuvering. And then I got hear some…Read more

I saw the movie "Jersey Boys" tonight

I enjoyed the movie and the history of the Four Seasons. It was kind of sad when the band broke up. Maybe the thought of break ups make me think too much.

On another subject, I got a sealer coat…Read more

I got some good playing time in today

So I guess you could say that I was slacking... But I did get a little done on guitars #14, #15, and #16 today. Forward progress is always a good thing!

Happy July 1st

I got to do a little on #14, #15, and #16 today! I feel like I accomplished something today, even though they seem like minor details. I posted photos under the guitar pages of: #14, #15, and sweet sixteen.

Another late night

spent bending sides for Sweet Sixteen after the sun went down. I also got the frets filed into a semi-finished state, and they stayed put. Last night I was wondering if the frets would stay seated in the Redwood fingerboard…Read more

#15 got fretted

But I am not so happy with outcome, between the softer than expected Redwood receiving line for frets, to the Walnut fret markers that are hard to see, I am thinking about putting a harder fingerboard on #15. I'll have…Read more

back to some progress

I had a Dr appointment @ 2pm, so I couldn't start anything big, until after that visit. I did manage to get the inlays cut and glued into #15. I also am ready to cut and glue the inlays into…Read more

too much fun last night

at the Showcase and Jam Night at the MerriMaker. My first time there. Great crowd, great band (Thank You Paul), and great bar (Thanks Larry), lots of great local artists, and they even let me play! I did my best…Read more

number fourteen limbo

Wow, that sounds like an idea for a song...

Here I sit, patiently waiting for new mastered tracks. In the mean time, I have shifted focus, and I have been building some replacement instruments. My #14 build has gone into…Read more

I got my camera working

So now I can post more photos. I got a little bit done on #14 and #15. As long as I am waiting, I started putting some pieces to get for #16. It should be the same size as #14…Read more

it's always something...

   My cell phone has off for a couple months. Yeah, times are tight right now. But the camera was still working, until today.

   I semi-finished the pocket for the tail end tuners, and scraped some extraneous glue drips off the…Read more