updated guitar pages

   I updated the guitar pages today. They are still not finished. but I do have most of the specs up for all 15.
   I also did a lot of fitting and gluing on #14 and #15, but as usual, I…Read more

burning the midnight oil

I got some more work done on # 14 and posted some pictures of it.
I also got some pictures and specs up for guitars #1 thru #8, and got them to work in that drop down menu thing under…Read more

unique (for me) bracing technique

I fit and glued the back lining and the rear bracing today. I posted two pictures on the photos page. This is a departure from the usual. I had always attached the back back bracing to the back, in the…Read more

still waiting for the glue to dry

   I got a c-clamp this morning (Thanks Castaways), then glued and clamped again. Then started on a  redwood fretboard blank. I posted another photo of #14 drying (without the kraft paper, thank you) on the photo page. I then took…Read more

I fit and glue the sides of #14 today

   # 10 has always been my go-to guitar for taking with me. It fits in my bag, so that makes it easy to carry, but it has had a hard life. I built it in May of 1993 with standard…Read more

I got some stuff done today

I worked on #14 today. I just uploaded some photos of #14 and #15.
My friend Glenn stopped by today and shot some video. I got a few songs in. He will most likely post it on his you tube…Read more

free downloads coming and a new instrument

I might have have forgotten to post it here, but I have been telling everyone I meet in person,
When I get these songs back from mastering, I will be posting them up for free downloads.
Please check back.
I…Read more

the waiting is the hardest part

Hi again! I am still waiting patiently for my master to finish mastering. I am so sorry, but I think it will be worth the wait, I'm getting kind of fidgetty here too. I put a button… Read more
placeholder is near

Hey Everybuggy!
I just filed for the dot com registration thing.
We should be up and running here shortly...


Today is the first day!

I finally did it!
We now have a blog!
We even have a name for our band!

Oh, and the name of the band come from our folk & blues stylings. This is not to be confused with rhythm &amp…Read more