sweet sixteen

I have had the chance to do a little more work on sweet sixteen. I cut the f-holes and mounted a fishman humbucker, and started the tuning machine pocket. I am still in the Sedona vicinity

7/6/14 - sweet sixteen - The glued in top lining strips are dry. And here are the back lining strips glued in, waiting for the glue to dry.

7/3/14 - sweet sixteen sides are staying flat better now, after drying from the second bending session.

7/3/14 - sweet sixteen - Now I just need to bend the lining strips a little more.

7/2/14 - Sweet Sixteen - Here is a neck block spacer being glued on.

7/2/14 - Sweet Sixteen - Here are the sides after a re-bend to get rid of some twist from the first bend session.

7/2/14 - Sweet Sixteen - Here are a pair of lining strips after the first bend, clipped to an 1/8 inch steel wire form. They are also helping weigh down the side to help them dry straight.

7/1/14 - sweet sixteen - The sides are one day dry from the initial bending session. I was surprised, from the high amount of figuring, I was expecting more trouble from them. The bending battle is not over, though. There are still plenty of chances for trouble with the final bending of the sides, bending the lining strips, and final assembly, yet to come.

6/30/14 - sweet sixteen - After the sun went down, I managed to bend the sides for #16. There will probably be some touch up needed after the sides dry out. A little fine tuning helps me hit my target body shape easier.