6/30/14 - # 8 - Originally built as an approximation of a Martin 00-15, but with a cutaway and in headless form. This has been my all time favorite instrument. It sounds great in standard tuning, but really kicks it, in DAEBF#D tuning. Number Eight has a Fishman Rare Earth in it, and sounds awesome on stage, or in the studio. It has been my go to instrument for recording, and playing nice places.

6/30/14 - #8 - Back view of number eight, showing the nice tiger stripe figuring of it's German Maple on the back, sides, and neck. This was a road guitar for a while, and spent it's first ten years without a case, and spent at least a dozen flights in overhead baggage compartments, and countless years being tossed around with way too many temperature and humidity extremes. Oh, and a bad emergency surgery of pulling the back off with just a gas stove and a butter knife. What a hard life...


Serial Number - 008 

Born in May 1990
Type of Instrument - Acoustic ; Headless Cutaway 

Body Material - European Maple ; Flamed 

Finish - Polyurethane 

Neck - Domestic Rock MapIe 

Fingerboard - Ebony ; MOP Snowflake Inlays 

Number of Frets - 24 

Bridge - Ebony ; Twin Compensated Galalith Saddles 

Nut - Zero Fret ; Nylon/Brass Anchor Block 

Tuning Machines - Custom Made 

Scale tength - 25 

Truss Rod - Doubled Over Adjustable 

Neck Width at Nut - 1.94 

Bridge Width at Saddle - 2.18 

Body Length - 16,25 

Body Width at Upper Bout - 9.75 

Body Width at Lower Bout - 12.5 

Body Width at Waist - 7.5 

Body Depth - 2.75 - 3.12 

Overall length - 34 

Sides - European Flamed Maple 

Back -European Flamed Maple 

Top - Sitka Spruce 

Lining - Solid 

Bracing - Interlocking 'X' Four Finger Braces 

Residence - River