I got a few tracks back from being mastered... Here they are......
   I did quite a bit of recording in Los Osos and am waiting for the master to finish mastering.As soon as I get the finished tracks for the Rock at Morro Bay collection, I will be posting them up for free downloads.
   I also have some video footage coming, but I am waiting for that to come back, also. As soon as I get those, I will also be posting that.
   While I am waiting, I am still writing, and playing, and working on building some new guitars with the in ten of using my D A E B F# D tuning that has 3 bass guitar strings and 3 standard guitar strings on them. You can see my daily progress on my guitars pages.
   You can also sign up for email contact, and I will let you know when the Rock at Morro Bay collection is posted.
   I am a writing fool. I am always writing and playing. I have my next two collections, Cigarette & Gas Money, and Looziana, all ready for the next couple series of recording sessions.
   To paraphrase the title track of Cigarette & Gas Money:

   I'll keep writing and keep playing these songs for you....