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My name is Lisa. I am a musician that dabbles in songwriting, lutherie, and alternate tunings. Welcome to my humble abode.

number fourteen limbo 

Wow, that sounds like an idea for a song...

Here I sit, patiently waiting for new mastered tracks. In the mean time, I have shifted focus, and I have been building some replacement instruments. My #14 build has gone into limbo, until I get a fishman double coil acoustic pickup in my hands. So I have shifted focus (again) to the solid body #15, and sweet sixteen. You can see progress pictures on the photo page.

I have been keeping daily progress updates on these builds, if you are interested in lutherie.

I did snap a picture of #12, #15, and number 14 today during a reunion today:

I got my camera working 

So now I can post more photos. I got a little bit done on #14 and #15. As long as I am waiting, I started putting some pieces to get for #16. It should be the same size as #14, but without the Active Back. It will also have some wavy grains sides, as this is my last piece of walnut. It might look pretty, but it could prove to be a challenge to bend. Posted the photos under #14, #15, and #16.

it's always something... 

   My cell phone has off for a couple months. Yeah, times are tight right now. But the camera was still working, until today.

   I semi-finished the pocket for the tail end tuners, and scraped some extraneous glue drips off the sound board and sides. But since my camera is (temporarily) out of commission, I can't show you the results. Oh, and I walked over and saw Eddie at Central Coast Music about some pick up options. We looked at a couple options, but I really need to stop back by and research this a little with him. I plan to have two separate bridges. One for the three guitar strings, and one for the bass guitar strings. The three guitars I have already taken to this tuning of D A E B F# D needed a separate bridge to compensate for the intonation differences of the increased range. So that puts most under saddle transducer styles as a non-option. I need a little more research...

   It's always something...

updated guitar pages 

   I updated the guitar pages today. They are still not finished. but I do have most of the specs up for all 15.
   I also did a lot of fitting and gluing on #14 and #15, but as usual, I am still waiting for the glue to dry.

burning the midnight oil 

I got some more work done on # 14 and posted some pictures of it.
I also got some pictures and specs up for guitars #1 thru #8, and got them to work in that drop down menu thing under Guitars.
It is now 12:50 AM. 
Burning the midnight oil.

unique (for me) bracing technique 

I fit and glued the back lining and the rear bracing today. I posted two pictures on the photos page. This is a departure from the usual. I had always attached the back back bracing to the back, in the traditional way. For this instrument, I moved the rear bracing off the back, to allow for the back to vibrate freely. I am hoping the free floating back might add something to the sound on this instrument.

still waiting for the glue to dry 

   I got a c-clamp this morning (Thanks Castaways), then glued and clamped again. Then started on a  redwood fretboard blank. I posted another photo of #14 drying (without the kraft paper, thank you) on the photo page. I then took a walk to Ace Hardware for some water based finish, contact cement, and some screws. What a long walk... Uphill both ways, too...
   So I am still waiting for the glue to dry...

I fit and glue the sides of #14 today 

   # 10 has always been my go-to guitar for taking with me. It fits in my bag, so that makes it easy to carry, but it has had a hard life. I built it in May of 1993 with standard tuning of EADGBE in mind. I have only been on this alternate tuning for 3 years, and keep all 3 guitars in DAEBF#D. All 3 guitars were built for standard tuning.
   # 14 is about the same size as # 10, but this is the first guitar I have purposely built for that 3 bass string tuning I use. So I am using a different bracing and construction with this in mind.
   I am still a few weeks away from playing it, but I will try to keep you posted on my progress. I posted a photo on the photo page today of it all wrapped up in paper and bungee cords. I just have to wait for the glue to dry.

I got some stuff done today 

I worked on #14 today. I just uploaded some photos of #14 and #15.
My friend Glenn stopped by today and shot some video. I got a few songs in. He will most likely post it on his you tube page first, then get it to me. I will post it as soon as I get it, His name is Glenn Auchinachie on you tube.

free downloads coming and a new instrument 

I might have have forgotten to post it here, but I have been telling everyone I meet in person,
When I get these songs back from mastering, I will be posting them up for free downloads.
Please check back.
I also plan to have some guitar pictures and specs up soon.
I have been trying to keep busy, as usual. I am building another acoustic guitarish kind of instrument.
Today I bent the sides. I'll take some pictures tomorrow, it's kinda dark out right now.

the waiting is the hardest part 

Hi again!
I am still waiting patiently for my master to finish mastering. I am so sorry, but I think it will be worth the wait,
I'm getting kind of fidgetty here too.
I put a button at the top of the page for my lyrics. The lyrics button has a drop down for some lyrics from my first cd project Alone from 2006.
I also posted my sheet music scribblings for the instrumental goodbye . There's no lyrics, but I couldn't leave a song out...
I put a  button at the top of the page for my guitars (You see, I make my own, so I'm kinda proud), 
I hope to scan and upload some photos and specs of some of my previous guitars real soon.

Today is the first day! 

I finally did it!
We now have a blog!
We even have a name for our band!

Oh, and the name of the band come from our folk & blues stylings. This is not to be confused with rhythm & blues, as we are kinda short on rhythm at the moment, but that's okay, as we know some good folk.

My name is Lisa, and at the moment, I am the driving force behind bluefolk. But my truck has been broke down since Labor Day last year, so I am off to a slow start with a little handicap thrown in. It's always something...

But we have been recording for a few weeks, and I think that it is safe to say that we could have a disc available for the beginning of June. I will keep you posted on the cd disc.

Perhaps some pictures and postings might be in store for the near future.

G'nite All!

Previous events


420 @ 89B

420@89B, 89B, Sedona South

420 Celebration hosted by the most awesomest James Turner


Paul and the crew

Merri Maker, 1301 2nd Street, Los Osos

Showcase and Jam Night. My first time there. Great crowd, great band (Thank You Paul), and great bar (Thanks Larry), lots of great local artists, and they even let me play! I did my best to rock their socks off...

Glenn brought a video machine and recorded us all. I'm looking forward to see the video.

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