got the blues

hers is an old  journal entry from march 8. 2014

my truck's been broke since labor daylower & upper ball joints, tie rod ends, and a control arm
my bicycle works on a sunny day
and I'll fix my truck someday when it's warm

but there are some silver linings

I met Ethan,  a local recent graduate of Questa College's recording
engineer program
he heard me play a few songs and offered some free recording time
our first session is on monday 3/10/14 @ 4pm

I am starting a new songwriting circle here in town, the only one in town
my first meeting will be here at my house on sunday3/9/14 @2:30pm
I have three confirmed guests, with a half dozen possibles, all local,
in morro bay musicians

I went to the doctor today, and got my medical cannabis car renewed
I also got in a good bitch and moan session (   :-)  )about my back
I got a referral for a chiropractor and a short prescription of norco
and flexoril
I've been off the pharmaceuticals for a few years, but this pain is too much
I hope I can knock it down for a day or two and get some rest next tuesday
I will probably be drinking this weekend, and I don't want to mix them
and get sloppy

so things are kinda sucky, or kinda nice, for me depending on your point of view
but every thing can, and does,  change daily, if not sooner, so I try
to just hang on


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