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My name is Lisa. I am a musician that dabbles in songwriting, lutherie, and alternate tunings. Welcome to my humble abode.

sweet sixteen 

   i am settling in for the winter here in arizona
   but i have been working on sweet sixteen
   i posted an acoustic video under videos
   just a little noodling...

Sweet 16 update 

   I tuned up number 10 and got it playing well...
   Then I pulled the strings off of Sweet 16. I did a little fret work, sanded the neck and top, then gave the top and neck a coat of polyurethane...

Back in Sedona 

I made it back to Sedona two days ago. I got to spend the yesterday in Jerome sitting on the steps chatting with Jim, Bev, Brian, and the gang. I still have a few things to get done in town, and get an oil change, then I hope to get back on the road. I have wondered lately about what Show Low and Payson are like. Perhaps I could stop by Thanks a Latte in Camp Verde to see Gary and Mike. Talk Soon, Lisa


I just rolled into Winnamucca NV this morning. I think the bus is headed towards Sedona sooner or later.

Full Moon Fever 

I usually enjoy the Full Moon Ceremonies at Cathedral Rock in Sedona. I wish you all the best in Sedona. I will be celebrating the Full Moon Cremonies here at Mt Shasta

drop tune a whole step 

Yesterday was another cold wet day. Yuck. The wet weather is putting a lot of tension on my instrument and on my rheumatism. So I down tuned 2 half steps to CGDAEC. It puts a new spin on things, and my wrist feels better, too.


Kind of a dinner / lunch. It has been a rainy and blustery day so I am staying inside. Today's Special A sandwich of chicken breast, beet greens, onion, and mustard on Wildflower bread. And a salad of tomato, rosemary, onion, beet greens, and red pepper wedges.

sweet sixteen update 

I have had the chance to do a little more work on sweet sixteen. I cut the f-holes and mounted a fishman humbucker, and started the tuning machine pocket. I am still in the Sedona vicinity

Happy 420 

I had the pleasure to jam with my harp with James Turner (the host of the celebration), among with Michael Joseph, and some other gifted musicians. I also played a set later. Thank You to all the wonderful Rainbow People for all your wonderful culinary treats, with a special Thank You to Laura, for your culinary expertise.

got the blues 

hers is an old  journal entry from march 8. 2014

my truck's been broke since labor daylower & upper ball joints, tie rod ends, and a control arm
my bicycle works on a sunny day
and I'll fix my truck someday when it's warm

but there are some silver linings

I met Ethan,  a local recent graduate of Questa College's recording
engineer program
he heard me play a few songs and offered some free recording time
our first session is on monday 3/10/14 @ 4pm

I am starting a new songwriting circle here in town, the only one in town
my first meeting will be here at my house on sunday3/9/14 @2:30pm
I have three confirmed guests, with a half dozen possibles, all local,
in morro bay musicians

I went to the doctor today, and got my medical cannabis car renewed
I also got in a good bitch and moan session (   :-)  )about my back
I got a referral for a chiropractor and a short prescription of norco
and flexoril
I've been off the pharmaceuticals for a few years, but this pain is too much
I hope I can knock it down for a day or two and get some rest next tuesday
I will probably be drinking this weekend, and I don't want to mix them
and get sloppy

so things are kinda sucky, or kinda nice, for me depending on your point of view
but every thing can, and does,  change daily, if not sooner, so I try
to just hang on


been traveling 

Hi, finally got some internet and some time to do something with it. I left beautiful Morro Bay, California right after Christmas. My first stop was Sedona, and I have been traveling and playing all over Sedona (yeah, duh), Parker, Quartzite, Yuma, and Squaw Lake ( one of my fav). I am currently by Sedona. I played at Oak Creek Brewery last Saturday, and another fav on Wednesday at the Spirit Room in Jerome ( I love y'all there) on Wednesday. I will be playing at the Oak Creek Brewery on Saturday, April 11. To all you wonderful folk out there, I wish you all a safe and pleasant journey, Talk Soon, Lisa

Happy Fourth of July! 

I pray you all had a wonderful Fourth of July.

There was a Fourth of July Celebration here in town. I joined in the Bicycle Parade, and got some practice in low speed maneuvering. And then I got hear some great music by too many bands for mr to remember at the live music and festival activities at Tidelands Park. Oh, then the fireworks... Oh, the fireworks...

Truth be told, I didn't get much done on the guitar builds today, and I didn't take ANY pictures tray, either.

But I had a nice 4th of July, Thank You.

I saw the movie "Jersey Boys" tonight 

I enjoyed the movie and the history of the Four Seasons. It was kind of sad when the band broke up. Maybe the thought of break ups make me think too much.

On another subject, I got a sealer coat on #15 today. I like what the color and naughty figuring showing a little hint of beauty. The sides for Sweet Sixteen look very nice also. I thought about bending and maybe glueing on Sweet Sixteen, but I somehow ended up at the theater with a large popcorn and a lemonade.

Another Enjoyable Day! 

Happy July 1st 

I got to do a little on #14, #15, and #16 today! I feel like I accomplished something today, even though they seem like minor details. I posted photos under the guitar pages of: #14, #15, and sweet sixteen.

Another late night 

spent bending sides for Sweet Sixteen after the sun went down. I also got the frets filed into a semi-finished state, and they stayed put. Last night I was wondering if the frets would stay seated in the Redwood fingerboard, but they seem to be staying in place. Perhaps, I might try out this Redwood fingerboard on #15 and see what happens with it. I also posted some new pictures for progress on # 15 and 16 tonight. I also put some current pictures of #8, #10, and #12, as they are today.

#15 got fretted 

But I am not so happy with outcome, between the softer than expected Redwood receiving line for frets, to the Walnut fret markers that are hard to see, I am thinking about putting a harder fingerboard on #15. I'll have to sleep on it, though. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

back to some progress 

I had a Dr appointment @ 2pm, so I couldn't start anything big, until after that visit. I did manage to get the inlays cut and glued into #15. I also am ready to cut and glue the inlays into #14.  On Sweet Sixteen, I ripped the sides, and glued in the neck block brace. Now, I just have to wait for the glue to dry...

too much fun last night 

at the Showcase and Jam Night at the MerriMaker. My first time there. Great crowd, great band (Thank You Paul), and great bar (Thanks Larry), lots of great local artists, and they even let me play! I did my best to rock their socks off...

Glenn brought a video machine and recorded us all. I'm looking forward to see the video.

Yes, I did my 6/25 (yesterday) posting a little late (as in today), but I did get to cut fret slots in the fingerboard of #14, some final prep on the fingerboard of #15, and cut some walnut snowflake (isn) inlays for the first octave. I see inlays and setting the frets in my near future.


Previous events


420 @ 89B

420@89B, 89B, Sedona South

420 Celebration hosted by the most awesomest James Turner

Paul and the crew

Merri Maker, 1301 2nd Street, Los Osos

Showcase and Jam Night. My first time there. Great crowd, great band (Thank You Paul), and great bar (Thanks Larry), lots of great local artists, and they even let me play! I did my best to rock their socks off...

Glenn brought a video machine and recorded us all. I'm looking forward to see the video.

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